Project area

The original appearance of the alpine and pre alpine river Isar has been greatly changed. From the middle of the 19th century immense modifications have been made due to flood protection measures, but also for the production of energy by hydraulic engineering (Channeling, obstruction of the banks), intensification of land use and housing development. The ecological function of the river as well as the alluvial floodplains and the natural dynamics of the alluvial floodplains have hence been greatly reduced. Multiple damming of the river bed has profound effects on migration of all organisms and also prevents the transportation of river material. Former structures, habitats or species that were characteristic for this area have now disappeared or have been greatly constricted. Nowadays, the lower Isar is only allowed to flow freely in the area immediately below the barrages. Despite the serious disturbances, there is still a wide range of valuable species and habitats occurring in the entire project area. This concerns mainly the river Isar with the still persisting alluvial water bodies and its accompanying soft- and hardwood alluvial forests as well as species-rich extensive meadows, especially on low-nutrient sites such as shallow and porous gravel soils, dykes and dams. Large parts of the area are therefore designated as Natura 2000 sites.
However, decisive habitat types such as the soft- and hardwood alluvial forests are mainly in an average to poor state of preservation. Regarding animal species, it is mainly the populations of the typical freshwater fish species, such as huchen, asp and streber, which have been greatly reduced.

Genaral map

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